Registering for the CMA Exam – Part 1


Written By CMA Exam Guest Blogger Leslie M.


This week was exciting regarding my CMA test prep. At the beginning of the year, I committed to preparing for the CMA exams, but I wanted to see how my studying was coming along before actually registering for them. I needed to gain a certain comfort level for this daunting task and make sure that my study plan was achievable. I realize that some candidates may not require as much time to study for this exam (you may be able to commit more time per week), but I wanted to allow sufficient study time in addition to working 40+ hours a week at a challenging career. On top of that, I have to handle my personal roles as wife/mother/etc. and was a little fearful of making an absolute commitment. So this week, I decided that in order to maintain my focus and keep my motivation high, I should take the plunge and register for next exam window. I told myself: “There’s no turning back now!”, “No excuses!”, and “Just do it!” So I did it!

The Gleim study materials helped me to understand the steps required to register and schedule the exam with Prometric. Shortly after I registered for the exam through the IMA website, I received an email containing my authorization. I had already submitted the education and experience requirements, so I was able to go to the Prometric website and select a date, time, and location for my exam. I decided to schedule it on a Saturday afternoon, thinking that I could take off work the day before for final study preparations. This would also allow more than enough time to get there without having to rush around. I can relax and take my time getting there, stay calm, and do my best. I want to give myself any possible advantage on exam day.

Now that I have a target date, I feel more motivated to continue my study plan. I’m working through each study unit and will continue to do more study sessions and test sessions so I can improve my scores. I have made a commitment, and I am motivated to succeed. Best of luck to all of you CMA exam candidates out there. Cheers!


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