ACCA is a UK based accountancy body is one of the largest and fastest-growing global accountancy bodies which offers the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification worldwide. In order to achieve the prestigious membership and use the designation ‘ACCA’ after your name, you will have to complete:

 ·  Exams             14 exams (exemptions can be claimed up to nine papers)

·  Experience    36 month’s relevant practical experience requirement for Membership (Before, during or After ACCA)

·  Ethics              Professional Ethics Module(Online)

ACCA Entry Routes

ACCA offers various entry routes, depending on your age and previous academic qualifications.
ACCA Dubai by

- No academic qualification required to do FIA- Complete the Diploma in Accounting and Business (F1, F2 & F3) through the Foundations in Accountancy(FIA) route, and you can transfer onto the ACCA Qualification from the fourth exam (F4 – Corporate and Business Law) onwards. 

- Relevant degree holders may be exempted from all nine exams within the Fundamentals Level and register directly at the Professional Level.
For details, refer to ACCAGlobal Exemption Support


ACCA Course Structure


Fundamentals Knowledge/FIA Fundamentals Skills Professional Essentials
 F1- Accountant in Business

F2- Management Accounting
F3- Financial Accounting

 F4- Corporate and Business Law

F5- Performance Management
F6- Taxation
F7- Financial reporting
F8- Audit and Assurance
F9- Financial Management

 P1- Corporate Governance, Risk and ethics

P2- Corporate Reporting
P3- Business Analysis


Professional Options


P4* Advanced Financial Management
P5* Advanced Performance Management
P6* Advanced Taxation
P7* Advance Audit & Assurance
*Choose two out of four options

ACCA Exams Structure


Exams Intakes Exams Format Exams Results
Paper based exams (for all levels) are conducted every Juneand December.Knowledge level papers can be taken as Computer Based Examinations (CBE) which can be attempted any time in the year

CBE papers has the following format:- Duration two hours- Contains 50 questions (all worth two marks)

- out of 100 marks

- has a pass mark of 50%
Skill and professional level papers have 3 hour paper based examinations with 15 minutes reading time

June attempt – Announced on the 8th of August
December attempt – Announced on the8th of February


CBE’s – result is available immediatlyafter the Exam (only for F1, F2, F3 & FIA papers)

 ACCA Fees Structure

Payable to 
No. of Papers Exam Fee GBP(£) CBE (AED) Payable to
PMTC Global
Tuition Fee AED.*
ACCA Registration - £79 (Aed.480) - PMTC Registration FREE
Knowledge 3 - 480/paper F1 , F2 , F3 2000/paper
Skills 6 £ 81/paper** - F4 , F5 , F7
F6 , F8 , F9
Professional 5 £ 94/paper** - P1 , P3 , P5
P2, P4 , P6 , P7
Annual Subscription - £ 79/year - Total Expense (approximately) AED. 42720
OBU BSc. Hons. Thesis (optional) - £ 181 - OBU BSc. Hons. Thesis (optional) AED. 1000
* Tuition Fees include 60 hours Tuition classes, 15+ hours Revision sessions, BPP/Kaplan Text books, Revision kits, ACCA past papers, Question Based Evening(QBE), online access to Mock Exams, Class Notes, etc

 ** Subject to Early exam entry till 8th September (December 2013 attempt)

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